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What is a payday alternative A Loan?

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What Is a Payday Alternative Loan?

PALs, offered by federal credit unions cost less as conventional payday loans and give borrowers more time to pay.

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Last updated on Mar 23, 2022.

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Payday alternative loans also known as PALs let members of certain federal credit unions to get small amounts of cash at a lower price than conventional payday loans and repay the loan over a longer period.

These options can help borrowers avoid the potential debt traps created by high-cost, for-profit lenders.

What is a cash-flow alternative loan?

PALs are regulated by the National Credit Union Administration, which was the first to establish the program in the year 2010. The loans must meet the following criteria:

The loan is only available to customers who are members of a credit union for at least one month.

The amount is between $200 to $1,000.

Affordable, with a maximal of 28%, and the application fee, which is not greater than $20. This reflects the actual costs of processing.

Repaid completely after a period of one to six monthly installments; no rollovers allowed.

Each PAL is given to borrowers. Those who borrow are not allowed to be provided with more than 3 PALs within the period of six months.

In the year 2019 the NCUA introduced a second option to PALs, called PALs II. This option has similar rules with the following exceptions:

A loan can be of any amount that is up to $2000.

Terms range from one to 12 months.

There is no waiting period for borrowers; they are eligible to join as soon as their membership is confirmed.

Borrowers are eligible for only one kind of PAL at any time.

How to qualify for an alternative payday loan

Many credit unions that offer PALs don’t require users to have good credit. They’re more interested in borrowers’ income and ability to pay. You may be asked to prove your income before submitting your application.

There are a few credit unions that provide PALs. The best method to find out if they offer the loans is to check the website of the institution or contact. If you aren’t yet an active member, you may also ask about eligibility requirements.

These cooperatives, which are non-profit, member-owned cooperatives, are able to extend membership to you based on where live, what religious organization you belong to, the name of your employer, military service , or other associations and causes that you might be involved with.

There is usually a one-time membership fee, that could be as low as $5. You may need to make an initial deposit to open your account.

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The reason why payday alternative loans are better than traditional loans?

Credit unions exist to assist members in becoming financially stable. PALs are designed to assist borrowers make on-time payments, with low interest rates and no additional costs.

That’s a stark contrast with the traditional, high-cost shorter-term payday loans. Payday lenders make money when borrowers who can’t repay the loans are able to roll them over and then pay “fees,” their term for interest.

A typical charge for a loan ranges from $10 to $30 per $100 borrowed, and payments are typically due in two weeks. If a lender charges you $15 for the same $100 for a two-week loan it’s 391 percent APR.

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Additionally payday lenders do not typically report their payments to national credit bureaus unless they fail to pay in contrast to credit unions, who are urged to report PAL repayments. A history of on-time payments can help .

Payday loan alternative loan look-alikes

Official PALs are offered by federal credit unions, however numerous state-chartered credit unions offer similar products. Some federal credit unions which don’t provide official PALs have their own versions that offer payday alternatives loans.

Credit union loans which aren’t officially PALs are allowed to have a maximum APR of 18%, according to the federal law. It could be a better deal over a PAL that has a 28% APR, however lenders may also impose stricter criteria for eligibility.

Online, borrowers may find lenders that adopt the “payday alternative loan” terminology, however the fine print will indicate this lender’s status as a bank and its loan terms aren’t designed to be a good fit for consumers.

To allow an loan that is affordable the majority of financial experts agree the APR should not be more than 36 percent.

Small-dollar credit union loans and other loans

The state and federal credit unions offer other loans which help members to improve their finances and help them avoid payday loans. They include:

Special for a specific purpose loans They are loans are specifically designed to cover large, one-time expenses. Self-Help Federal Credit Union, for instance, provides the possibility of a $600 to $1000 citizenship loan to help cover the cost to apply for citizenship as well as legal fees. The terms are up to 36 months at a 17.7% APR.

The loans help members improve their credit scores so they will be able to qualify for lower cost loans later on. A credit union offers the loan and then holds the funds in an account for savings up to the time it is loan is paid back.

Traditional credit union alternatives

Credit unions also offer traditional financing products like individual loans or personal line of credit.

With a credit union, you can borrow the full amount needed upfront and you pay interest on it. In comparison to loans via online or bank lenders personal credit union loans are easier to qualify for and have lower interest rates, particularly for bad and fair credit applicants.

A is like the credit card. You are approved up to a certain limit, however you can borrow only what you need and pay interest only on the amount you have borrowed.

If you’re having difficulty getting approval for a low-cost loan Look for credit unions that are classified as CDFIs. CDFIs, who focus on helping people living in poorer communities, do not rely on credit scores when providing financial products.

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